The What, How, and Why

What is KETCH?

KETCH is an application that enables users to monetize trademark by determining a value for the mark.

How does KETCH?

With KETCH every valuation search is made simple and effective, giving ideal results instantly.

KETCH requires users, or KETCH-ers, to input a word to be used as a mark and select the Industry the mark will be used in.

KETCH-ers are then able to download their report. KETCH-ers apply large data-sets, focused on particular industry, to create value.


KETCH finally gives trademark holders the ability to "back of the envelope" value their marks, or even compare the value of several marks through a few searches.

KETCH is a development of valuation model based upon a mark’s use on the internet. KETCH uses algorithms and large busines-focused data sets to discover value for trademark holders.